Lhasa, Main City of a forbidden Kingdom

Tibet is not just remote, it looks like another world. The Tibetans call their country ‘Bo’; the Chinese say ‘Xizang’; no one knows where the word ‘Tibet’ came from.

The mountains are spectacular, the glaciated valleys are wide and the horizon is vast and empty. No houses, trees or towns mark the landscape. Here, in this infinite land, the mind reaches out to the horizon. Against this immensity, yaks and people move like tiny ants.

They are busy, industriously plowing the frozen earth but it seems hopeless trying to scrape a living from this barren soil. Under the blue heavens, the whole weight of the universe seems to press down upon them.

Lasha , it´s capital, is a city taken by China countless flags waving from every roof of the small town , reminding us that this is the main vestige of an unjustified invasion likewise silenced and forgotten by the men who sees no reason to react  for it.


Photographer: Joe Recam

 "You have to anticipate the shot because everything happens in one hundred fiftieth of a second or less. The light, intensity, composition, the dignity of the people ..."






"To photograph is to put on the same line of sight the head,

the eye and the heart.”


 Henry Cartier-Bresson