Sri Lanka: a thousand reasons to go, one million to return.

Each traveler arriving to Sri Lanka keeps inside the reason that led him to approach this wonderful country which Marco Polo dubbed "the most beautiful island in the world".

Some people go to the old Ceylon in search of exoticism, some others just travel there to discover its lush nature. There is also people who desires to travel to Sri Lanka to enjoy its cuisine, culture and landscape ... and all, absolutely all of them are committed to  the hospitality of its people.

The whole country is a beautiful botanical garden. No one can leave it without visiting one of the factories of cinnamon; you back in time then, when the Silk Road passed through Ceylon to get natural gifts of the island. A luxury that you still can discover today through its rich dishes and varied cuisine. All integrated in a whole sensory experience.


Sri Lanka is also a land with deep rooted traditions. Going on a pilgrimage to Kandy is something that  any member of the Theravada Buddhist school wishes. You can find there the Temple of the Tooth of Buddha. After an ivory door that opens three times a day the traveler can observe a gold locket that hides seven boxes one inside another. This is where the relic is kept.


Photographer: Joe Recam

 "You have to anticipate the shot because everything happens in one hundred fiftieth of a second or less. The light, intensity, composition, the dignity of the people ..."






"To photograph is to put on the same line of sight the head,

the eye and the heart.”


 Henry Cartier-Bresson